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On August 21st 2017 at 10:15am, the moon will covered the sun in Oregon.

Ecplise over Portland Traffic


Eclipse traffic nightmare continues Thursday in Central Oregon
KGW - August 17, 2017
Shortly before midnight, Oregon State Police said the backup on Highway 26 was 30 miles. The Big Summit Prairie, an eclipse festival in the middle of the Ochoco National Forest, begins Thursday and is expected to attract 30,000 visitors.

Officials warn of solar eclipse Armageddon: Wildfires, unprecedented traffic, GPS miscues
The Seattle Times - August 16 2017
We’re asking people to bring extra water, extra food, medications, and not to let the gas tank get empty... Think about stocking your car like you’re going over a mountain pass in winter.

Eclipse traffic in Washington, Oregon will be worse than you think
King5 News August 14, 2017
Transportation officials in Oregon and Washington have a message for the region's drivers: However bad you think traffic is going to be during next Monday's total solar eclipse, it's probably going to be worse than you imagine. A lot worse.

Driving to Oregon to see the eclipse? Read this first
King5 News August 9, 2017
Officials are advising people to arrive early, stay put, and stay late to avoid the worst of the traffic crunch. If you can, drive down to Oregon on Saturday and stay past Monday.
“It's not a one-day deal," said Bart Treece, Washington State Department of Transportation southwest region communications manager.

ODOT urges early eclipse travel August 4, 2017
Arrive early, stay put and leave late. This is NOT a game day: Please treat the 3-hour eclipse as a 3-DAY event.

Partial eclipse could cause complete mess for Washington traffic this month
Q13Fox - Tuesday August 1, 2017
“It’s possible cell service in rural areas could get overwhelmed and divert you to somewhere you’re not familiar with. It’s also possible that apps will overwhelm rural roads that weren’t designed to handle massive amounts of traffic.”

ODOT preps for heavy eclipse traffic
KVAL - Monday July 31st, 2017
Schieman said that's why ODOT is stationing responders every five miles on I-5, Friday through Tuesday, around the event... "All of our vehicles are going to be able to push, pull and drag vehicles off the road if there's a crash."

Oregon’s prime solar eclipse zone braces for the agony and the ecstasy of totality
GeekWire: Saturday July 29, 2017
Locals have been told to stock up on water, groceries and gasoline, and hunker down for several days before and after the eclipse.

reddit: We are representatives of Oregon Agencies .. preparing for the ... ApocEclipse – Ask Us Anything!
Friday July 28, 2017
We are recommending that locals fuel their vehicles up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Central Oregon has 3-4 days of gas on average before needing "restocking". Deliveries for most resources are going to be difficult because of the increased traffic on our roads.

Oregon Gov. Brown authorizes National Guard for solar eclipse
Associated Press - Thursday, July 27th 2017
Gov. Kate Brown is authorizing the Oregon National Guard to deploy soldiers to help deal with an influx of tourists during next month's total solar eclipse.

VERIFY: Will Oregon actually have 1 million eclipse visitors?
John Tierney, KGW 6:50 PM. PDT July 27, 2017
If you are traveling on the eclipse weekend, make sure to pack your patience and some extra supplies. State transportation officials worry there could be gridlock on highways around the state.

If you plan to drive to Oregon to see the eclipse, here's your survival guide
July 26, 2016 - The News Tribune
And if you're planning a road trip to Oregon to see the eclipse at its ... path of totality for the eclipse, then Oregon will experience the largest traffic event ...

Eclipse to Cause "Biggest Traffic Event in Oregon History"
July 27, 2017 11:34am - KGW
ODOT advises drivers to print out a paper map of where you're going. Don't rely on your cell service for mapping, in case cell service is overloaded.

Beware this Oregon solar eclipse side effect: traffic
July 20, 2017 5:33pm - The Oregonian
"This is one occasion where I hope I'm wrong," he said. "This is a weeklong event in terms of traffic, if we get the number of vehicles projected...

The American Eclipse Traffic Jam???
Imagine the Woodstock-level, cross-continental traffic jams of epic proportions that might ensue as MILLIONS of people from big cities like Seattle, San Francisco, ... discover that they are within only 8 hours away from the eclipse path, and get in their cars at the same time and pour onto every freeway heading toward the eclipse path!

The 10 Worst Traffic Jams in History
Yahoo News
This three-day tie-up over August 15-18, 1969 was caused by more than 500,000 revelers descending on Max Yasgur’s famous farm for the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival. The New York Thruway became a stranglehold for more than 20 miles, with many eventually abandoning their cars and hoofing it to enjoy “three days of peace and music.” Performers had to be flown to and from the site in helicopters.

Traffic Maps

Portland at Apr 27 1:07 pm

Fast Portland Eclipse Traffic Map


OR I-5 Exit 287 Portland I-205 Merge
OR I-5 Exit 287 I-205 Merge

OR I-5 Exit 271 Woodburn (In the Zone)
OR I-5 Exit 271 Woodburn